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See What Ten Hag: Says About What will Happen at Anfield

Ten Hag

Manchester United will be visiting Liverpool’s Anfield today for the English Premier League match which will be played in the afternoon.

Manchester United sit on number 3, with 40 points on the table while they are on a massive form as they just won the Carabao Cup by edging Newcastle 2-0 at the Wembley stadium, while Liverpool on the other hand sit on the number 6 on the table and they have 39 points at the moment.

Ten Hag who is the current Manchester United coach has given his opinion about what he feels about Liverpool’s Anfield.

He says ” For me it’s no different. The pitch is the same size everywhere, there are three referees, there is a fourth official, the ball is round, there is air in the ball, huh?”

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Many of the Manchester United fans all over the world have been saying they will take a win from Liverpool’s Anfield today, while the Liverpool fans have also said the home ground (Anfield) always remain a fortress to them.

Actually, it would be an interesting match to watch today, you wouldn’t want to miss the match between the two great rivals in the English Premier League!


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