Home Article News Read About What Jamb Says About 2022 UTME Guidelines Now

Read About What Jamb Says About 2022 UTME Guidelines Now

Read About What Jamb Says About 2022 UTME Guidelines
Read About What Jamb Says About 2022 UTME Guidelines

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) on Friday tasked its officials to adhere strictly to its guidelines as the 2022 exercise begins for over 1.7 million candidates nationwide.

The board gave the directive in its Weekly Bulletin of the Office of the Registrar in Abuja. It stated that biometric verification would be the only mode for admittance of candidates into the examination centre. The board said strict adherence to this directive was required by all involved.

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JAMB had reiterated that all candidates would be checked into the examination hall, using the Biometric Verification Machine (BVM) which would also serve as a register of attendance, in line with its policy. It urged officials to ensure no candidate was kept waiting if he or she could not be verified, but to ensure such a candidate was recaptured at the centre before leaving.

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The board further stated that only genuine cases would be subsequently treated in cases of biometric hitch. JAMB also urged its officials to ensure that all report forms provided for the exercise were accurately filled and completed.

It explained that the information gathered from the forms was expected to assist the board in “establishing happenings during the examination for reference purposes as well as serve as evidence for punitive measures.”

The board said it would continue to consult with critical stakeholders, including technical officers and advisers, resident monitors, supervisors and its eight monitoring groups, to deliver a hitch-free exercise.

JAMB’s exercise had since been scheduled to begin from Friday to May 16 in its 757 centres nationwide.

JAMB had also warned its candidates that the ban on prohibited items was still in force and necessary sanctions would be meted out to violators of its code of conduct.

“The list of the banned items within the examination hall include but are not limited to flash drives, smart watches, calculators, recorders, mobile phones, spy reading glasses, jewelleries, among others,” JAMB said.

Facts About Jamb

What is JAMB meant for?

The Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB) is a Nigerian entrance examination board for tertiary-level institutions. The board conducts entrance Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination for prospective undergraduates into Nigerian universities.

How can I check my JAMB profile?

  1. Visit Jamb.gov.ng/efacility.
  2. Go to UTME profile page.
  3. Enter Jamb email address, password Registration Number.
  4. Click On login.

When did JAMB start Nigeria?

Due to the growing number of universities in Nigeria’s sprawling higher education system, this practice became problematic, and, in 1978, the Nigerian government established the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) to oversee a centralized admissions test called the Unified Tertiary Matriculation.

What is the difference between UTME and JAMB?

JAMB means or stands for Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board.UTME Means or stands for Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination.

How many times can I use my JAMB result?

JAMB results are valid for only one year. Candidates are advised to make use of their results before it expires.

What is JAMB profile code?

The Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) JAMB Profile Code is a 10 digit number used to complete profile registrations on the JAMB portal. The JAMB Profile code is used to match you with your biometric data and other details in the JAMB Database during verification, authentication and registration.

How do I know my JAMB password?

Go to https://www.jamb.gov.ng/EfacilityLogin.

  1. Click on “Click here to Reset your Password”.
  2. After that, Type in Your JAMB Registration Email Address.
  3. Finally, Click on “PASSWORD RESET”.
  4. Then, Check your email for your new Password.

How many years JAMB will expire?

How long is jamb result valid 2022/2023. Jamb result is valid for only one year just as we tried to explain to you, the bill that seek to amend the jamb board act has not been implemented.

What is the duration of JAMB exam?

JAMB gives two hours for their exams and this is for 60 English language questions and 40 questions each on the other three subjects. The time they give you should be well shared for the four subjects to avoid wasting much time on a particular subject.

How can I send my NIN to JAMB?

You can directly use this recommended method officially initiated by JAMB itself. All you need you to need to do is to grab the phone you use for registration and dial the USSD code (*55019*1*NIN#) to submit your NIN and Receive your profile code immediately.

How To Check Admission Status Without Email 2022/2023

  1. Visit Google play store on your Android Device.
  2. Search and Download the JAMB Mobile App.
  3. Login using your JAMB Registration Number.
  4. Open the App, scroll down and tap on “Check Admission Status”
  5. Enter your JAMB Registration Number in the space provided.

How can I link my JAMB email without SMS?

Below is the step-by-step guide to link your existing email to the JAMB Profile.

  1. On your mobile phone (using the line used to get your profile code), text as follows: “email youremail youremail” and send to 55019/66019.
  2. For example, text email theemail@gmail.com thename@gmail.com.
  3. Now, send it to 55019/66019.

Can JAMB result be upgraded?

If you plan on upgrading your JAMB result but you have written the exam already, hold on dear, it’s no longer possible. The only people who can upgrade jamb scores are those who have not written theirs. And there is no other way to do it if not through hardwork.

How many questions are there in JAMB?

In JAMB, there are 60 questions in English Language and 40 questions in the three other subjects. This means there is a total of 180 questions in the JAMB exam.

What is the duration of JAMB exam 2021?

“As for the candidates, for their age, the maximum time they can sit for examinations is two hours. Even in terms of international standard, for primary school pupils, the maximum time for examinations is between 45 minutes and one hour.”

How many subjects do you write in JAMB?How Many Subject To Register For Jamb? You are to Register a total of Four (4) subjects in Jamb, with Jamb Use of English compulsory. The remaining three (3) Subjects must be related to the course you wish to study.

How do I know if JAMB has given me admission?

Go to https://portal.jamb.gov.ng/efacility../.

  1. Activate Desktop Site On Your Browser via Settings Options.
  2. Log in with your JAMB EMAIL and PASSWORD.
  3. After successfully logging in, scroll down, then locate and click the ‘Check Admission Status’ tab or CAPS.
  4. Select your Exam year if required.

How do I check admission status with registration number?

Login to your Jamb profile with your username and password. After successfully logging in, scroll down then locate and click the “Check Admission Status” tab. Select your Exam year and Enter your registration number in the required columns. Lastly, click on “Check Admission Status” to access your admission status.


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