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Ramadan Fasting: What are the Do’s & Don’ts During Fasting

ramadan in 2022
ramadan in 2022

Ramadan in happens to be the ninth month of the Muslim Calendar, it is the month when Qur’an (Islamic Holy Book) was revealed to the holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), and it is also the month in which all the Muslim faithfuls fast for 29 or 30 days. In this article we shall be treating Ramadan in 2022.

Ramadan is set to commence after the crescent moon has been sighted for the ninth month, and when the relevant authorities have confirmed the sighting of the moon as well. It is then, those in authorities now tell their followers that Ramadan can begin, and all the Muslims in the whole world will follow the instruction to begin Ramadan in 2022.

What Happens During Ramadan Fasting?

During the Ramadan fasting, Muslims are required to abstain from food, sex, masturbation during the daylight hours as a means of being faithful and total submission to their creator.

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Fasting happens to be one of the five pillars of Islam aside from the declaration of faith, salat( five daily prayers) , Zakat(charity) and the last one is going to Hajj for holy pilgrimage, and that’s for those who can actually afford to go.

During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims tend to be closer to God by performing all their daily prayers on time, and also reading and discussing the words of God in the holy book Al-Qur’an.

And when it is during the evening, there is a special prayer called “Tarawih” which is being performed after the last prayer of the day which is Isha’i

Who Should Take Part in Ramadan in 2022?

During fasting in the month of Ramadan, all Muslims whom have attained the age of puberty are expected to take part, except some people who are exempted like small children, old people, pregnant women, women that are doing their menstruation, long journey travelers and very old people.

Those that are exempted are advised to feed other people in lieu of their fast, or they pay back the fast in future whenever they are fit to do so.

Each day, the fasting normally begins after a meal called sahur is taken at dawn and the fast ends when the sun has set, and that’s during the night prayer which is called Maghrib.

Most families do come together to take part in “ Iftar” that’s is when the fast is being broken and people tend to share foods among themselves and also to the needy who can’t afford the food that can be used to break the fast.

During the fasting period, Muslims remember their friends and families who are also in need and thereby send food and other things to them, so as to make their fasting easier and be happy as well.

After Ramadan in 2022, What Next?

Immediately after the fasting ends, the Muslim faithfuls celebrate Eid el Fitri, in which they make new clothes, distribute foods to their friends and families, decorate their homes and go to the Eid praying ground to worship and give thanks to their God and the successful completion of Ramadan in 2022.

They also partake in arms giving, by providing food or money to less priveleged in the society around the time, so that those people that are needy will fell among the privileged that are celebrating the Eid El Fitri.

Conclusion on Ramadan in 2022

Ramadan is actually the time to abstain from unholy things and focus on worshiping Allah (God). It will also remind the Muslim faithfuls, the suffering of the less privilege in the society, and this makes them to thank God for all the great things He has been doing in their lives for so long.

This will also make them to have the fear of God, that if you have more than enough, you should endeavor to remember those that are needy and can’t afford to eat daily meals and fend for themselves.

From celebritybiog.com, we wish you happy fasting and Ramadan Kareem!


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