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Portable Omolalomi: Biography, Family, Cars & Net Worth

portable omolalomi net worth
portable omolalomi net worth

Portable Omolalomi Net Worth Biography & Songs

Portable Omolalomi whose real name is Habeeb Okikiola is a Yoruba-born rapper and is among the newest faces in the Nigerian Music Industry, he is presently making waves with his current single “Zazuu Zeh” that is being listened to in all over the country at the moment, and meanwhile some people still refer to him as a super star in the making.

Here is The Full Profile of Portable Omolalomi Net Worth

Full Name – Habeeb Okikiola

Gender – Male

Date of Birth – 12-03-1994

Age – 27

Place of Birth – Abeokuta, Ogun State, Southwest Nigeria.

Nationality – Nigerian

Sexual Orientation – Straight

Ethnicity – Black

Eye Colour – Black

Religion – Islam

Profession – Rapper and Song Writer

Stage Name- Portable Omolalomi


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Portable Omolalomi Net Worth & Biography

Portable Omolalomi was born into the family of Mr. & Mrs. Okikiola, he was born on the 12th of March, 1994 in Abeokuta. He is currently 27 years of age. He also grew up in Abeokuta which is the southwestern part of Nigeria.

Portable Omolalomi and his siblings were all born at Abeokuta, and they were all raised in the Islamic faith by their parents.

Portable Omolalomi has been gifted in music since his childhood days, and this has made him to be very passionate about music, due to the various musical artists he listened to while he was growing up, they gave him huge inspiration on how to become successful in music in future.

And another advantage is that he was raised speaking Yoruba Language which has helped him in his music career, he is currently a rapper in Yoruba Language and this has helped him to be well known among his fans all over the country.

Portable Omolalomi Net Worth & Career

Since his childhood days, Portable Omolalomi has been a top fan of rap music, he has been listening to the likes of legendary rappers like Dr. Drew, Notorious B.I.G., 2Pac, Snoop Dog and others. He has also modeled the rappers’ songs and always willing to be a rapper too by following their footsteps.


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All these rap artists inspired him greatly, and luckily for him, the introduction of the Yoruba Indigenous rap came into existence with the likes of Dagrin of the blessed memory, Olamide, Lord of Ajasa, Reminisce and so on.

All these Yoruba rappers have been a great influence in his life as well as the foreign ones, and this has propelled him to take their ways, modeling them and he is being successful doing it.

Portable Omolalomi Net Worth & Education

Due to the fact that Portable’s Parents have interest in all their children being educated, they made sure Portable Omolalomi attended both the primary school and secondary school at Abeokuta Public Schools.

When Portable Omolalomi finished his secondary education and has gotten his Senior Secondary School Certificate (SSCE), he decided not to further into tertiary institution and instead decided to seek for vocational education at a training institute, where he graduated and doing well in his field.





Portable Omolalomi Net Worth & Breakthrough

Everybody knows that Lagos is the capital city of music in the whole of Africa, Portable Olalomi decided to switch his residence from Abeokuta to Lagos which happens to be the center of music in Nigeria and the whole of Africa as a whole.

When Portable Omolalomi got to Lagos, he never stopped doing his artisan work, because he would have to pay bills. While still doing his daily job, he looked for music producers who can help his musical career.

He recorded some songs with the music producers, but he wasn’t lucky enough because the music didn’t reach the height he expected. All these didn’t deter Portable Omolalomi from working harder in order to achieve his dream and be someone to be known in the music industry.

It was not long before fate smiled on him, and he was able to meet his musical idol “Olamide”. It was really an emotional moment for him, because he had to kneel down and held Olamide’s leg shedding tears of joy. (The video of the encounter is all over the internet if you want to watch it).

Olamide brought Portable Omolalomi into his collaborative project with a recording artist known as “Poco Lee”. The collaborative project gave birth to the hit song “Zazuu Zeh” . Zazuu Zeh has been a hit song all over Nigeria and it is very popular among the lovers of indigenous rap music far and wide.

The hit song “Zazuu Zeh” has really brought Portable Omolalomi into limelight and his name is a household name in the country at the moment. He has received many requests from established music artists in Nigeria.



Portable Omolalomi Net Worth & Social Media

Portable Omolalomi’s followership on social media keeps increasing on a daily basis, because of his latest fortune and breakthrough in the music industry.

His Instagram handle is @portable_omolalomi1, and has over 329,000 followers as at now.

Portable Omolalomi Net Worth

Portable Omolalomi estimated net worth should be in the range of $2000 – $5000, he will be getting royalties when his worldwide fans download or stream his music.

Also, with him currently reigning in the music industry, he would always be invited to musical shows and that means more money into his account.



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