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Eve Schiff Bio & Net Worth

Eve schiff bio
Eve schiff bio

Eve Schiff Bio, Wiki, Husband, & Net Worth

Eve Schiff is a 57 years old American, she was a former Tennis player and she is happily married to Adam Schiff, who is a Democrat Lawyer and United States Representative for California’s 28th Congressional District.

Eve Schiff now works as a volunteer and she has always been supportive to her husband throughout his political career in the United States.

Olu of Warri Biography, Wife, Son & Net Worth

olu of warri biography
olu of warri biography

Emiko Utieyinoritsetsola is currently the 20th Olu of Warri Kingdom, which is in the Southern part of Nigeria. He was appointed the Olu of Warri in the month of April 2021. In this article we shall be discussing Olu of Warri Biography with his achievements.

Whitemoney Selense Biography Net Worth

whitemoney selense
whitemoney selense

Whitemoney Selense Biography Family, Career & Net Worth

BBNaija Whitemoney is among the current house mates that are participating in this year’s Big Brother Naija Season 6 (Shine Ya Eye).

BBNaija Whitemoney is an entrepreneur who is into the business of importing and exporting, he does a lot of businesses like taking exotic cars from the ports to any part of the country for the owners, he also deals with selling of designers shoes and lastly he personally produces lip balms that he sells out to people in large quantities.

Biannca Prince Age, Tiktok, Biography & Net Worth

Biannca prince age
Biannca prince age

Biannca Prince whose real name is Biannca Raines is a popular American YouTuber, Social media influencer, musician and also a content creator. She was born in the state of Indiana, United States.

Rakhi Giovanni Biography, Workout Plan & Net Worth

rakhi giovanni
rakhi giovanni

Rakhi Giovanni Bio, Surgery, Wiki, Fitness Career, Height, & Net Worth

Rakhi Giovanni Bio, Surgery, Wiki. Rakhi Giovanni is a popular and American female body builder and fitness trainer who is currently based in Florida, United States. Rakhi Giovanni has been in this body building and fitness training business since 6 years ago possibly year 2015.

Rakhi Giovanni Biography

Rakhi Giovanni was born in August 4th, 1988, which makes her 33 years of age, she was given birth to in Florida, United States of America. She is practicing Christianity as a religion and she is Puerto Rican-Haitian by tribe. Her Zodiac sign is Leo, and she is 5 feet 8 inches in height and has a weight of 176 Ibis. She is not married yet and her sexual orientation is straight.

About her education, not much is known about her education background, but it is widely accepted she has some form of formal education, but the schools that she went to were not known to the public. But many people believe right from her childhood she has gotten interest in fitness modeling and she has definitely made a career out of it. And now she is really living the dream.


Rakhi Giovanni Body Shape and Physical Appearance

Rakhi Giovanni has a great body shape, her body is muscular and she is very curvy as well, and totally she weighs up to 176 Ibis. Most of her fans wish they could have such lovely body that Rakhi Giovanni has.



Rakhi Giovanni Fitness Career

Rakhi Giovanni workouts are mostly intensive and explosive, she trains intensively over 7 hours daily in the gym. She even likes to change her workout plans from time to time either fortnightly or monthly basis.

Her workout usually starts with a cardio, she probably runs 1 mile within six minutes, after taking the cardio, she would rest and take some little break to get her heartbeat regulated before continuing with the other training activities.

Rakhi Giovanni as a fitness model is always conscious of her nutrition and her food in take, she is always on a healthy diet which will always help her good shape rather than disfigure her curvy body parts. And due to all these long exercises and healthy diets she takes, she is able to get the dream body she has been planning to get since the year

Rakhi Giovanni Personal Life and Boyfriend

She has always been a private person and many people always assume she is in a relationship and she just wants to keep it private, but from the way she is, her sexual orientation is straight and sooner or later we shall now her relationship status.



Rakhi Giovanni Net Worth

Rakhi Giovanni has really developed herself and this makes her to be popular among her fans, she has a fitness instructor webpage in which people subscribe to and that makes her some money.

From our calculation she is up to $250,000 and she makes up to $80,000 per year. Also she endorses many products from big fitness brands and this too makes her some money too.

Also she is also a fitness influencer on Instagram where she has many followers up to 611,000, and also she posts on YouTube as well where she has subscribers up to 71,000. With all these followers and subscribers from her social media handles, she definitely makes some good money from them as well.



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Angel BBNaija Biography, & Net Worth

angel bbnaija
angel bbnaija

Angel BBNaija Biography &
 Net Worth


Angel BBNaija happened to be the first female housemate to be introduced by Obinna Uchendu on the biggest show in the Nigeria Television which is Big Brother Nigeria Season 6 which is also known as BBNaija S6.

From the time Angel introduced herself to the world on the BBNaija reality show, everybody has fallen in love with her because she is good looking and this has made her to be trending on all social media pages.


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