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Full Naira Marley Biography, Coming, Songs 2022 & Net Worth

Naira marley
Naira marley


Naira Marley Biography, Coming, Songs 2022 and Net Worth

In this post, you will be getting the information about Naira Marley’s net worth and his success in the music industry, his family, and education background.

Naira Marley whose real name is Azeez Fashola, he was born in Agege, Lagos State into the family of Mr & Mrs Fashola, he is popularly known by his stage name “Naira Marley” which he got the name’s inspiration from the Jamaican music legend called Bob Marley.

How Many Tribes in Nigeria

How many tribes in nigeria
How many tribes in nigeria


How Many Tribes in Nigeria

Nigeria is a great country with several ethnic groups, different religion backgrounds, because of their diverse culture, they are able to harbor and accommodate themselves. Nigerian people are always hardworking and try as much as possible not to rely on anyone to make a living themselves. They engage in farming, trade and other businesses that will allow them to put food on their tables. They are also known as great travelers, they can move far and wide from one zone to another, settle down and be plying their trade. That’s the reason why we are discussing how many tribes in Nigeria.


One of the biggest ethnic group in Nigeria is the Hausas, they dominate the northern part of the country and they make up for 26% of the general population in Nigeria. Most of the Hausas practice Islam as a religion, most of them engage in farming by rearing animals and cultivating crops. They dominate the following states in Nigeria, Kaduna, Bauchi, Gombe, Kano and so on. They are a group that are available in all the nooks and crannies of the country, because they always travel far and wide. Their traditional ruler is addressed as an Emir. That’s the reason why we are discussing how many tribes in Nigeria.


The Yoruba people make up to 22% of the Nigerian populace, they dominate the south western part of the country. Yoruba people practice many religions, though the majority practice Islam and Christianity while other practice their traditional religions, which they still uphold till today. Most Yoruba people engage in trade and farming, they also do different types of work that are profitable. They dominate the following states in Nigeria, Oyo, Osun, Ogun, Lagos and soon. They are also available in all the nooks and crannies of the country in order to ply their trade and make a living. Their traditional ruler is addressed as an Oba. That’s the reason why we are discussing how many tribes in Nigeria.

The Igbo people make up to 18% of the Nigerian populace, they dominate the eastern part of the country. Igbo people mainly practice Christianity and other traditional religions, which they still uphold till today. Most Igbo people engage in trade and farming. They dominate the following states in the country, Abia, Anambra, Imo and so on. They always travel far and wide, and are always available in all the nooks and crannies of the country in order to ply their trade and make a living for themselves. Their traditional ruler is addressed as the Igwe. That’s the reason why we are discussing how many tribes in Nigeria.
These are the main ethnic groups we have in Nigeria, it is believed that we have more than over 300 ethnic groups in the country and all of them are living peacefully together. This indeed shows that Nigeria is a great and blessed country. That’s the reason why we are discussing how many tribes in Nigeria.
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5G Network Architecture

5g network architecture
5g network architecture
In this article, you will know a lot about the latest network called 5G. 5G network is the latest kind of network that is designed to help in connecting many things together including machines, objects and devices. It is designed to deliver higher speeds, massive network capabilities and also promises a great user experience.
5G network happens to be the next generation of mobile broadband which is set to augment and aid the existing 4G LTE network, with this latest 5G network, users will be able to experience great upload speed and faster download speed from the internet without any hindrances. Research has stated that the average speed of 1GBPS is to be expected depending on the location, many of these networks are already linking alongside existing 3G and 4G LTE technology, in order to provide a stable network wherever you happens to find yourself.

Previous Generations of Network Before the 5G Network Architecture

There are great differences between the previous networks and the newly introduced 5G network. The previous generation networks are 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G LTE. Let us take a look on all the previous networks and their dates of introduction.
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1G first generation mobile network
In the year 1980, the first generation delivered analog voice.
2G, second generation network
In the year 1990, second generation introduced CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access)
3G, third generation network
In the year 2000, third generation brought data (e.g. CDMA 2000)
4G LTE, fourth generation network
In the year 2010, fourth generation network or LTE brought in the mobile broadband.
All the older generation networks led to the development of the new 5G network which will therefore provide a faster and efficient connection to the internet and thereby making our day to day activities easier to accomplish.

Advantages of 5G Network Over the Existing 4G LTE Network

          Self-driving cars and smart cities will work efficiently because of higher speed 5G network will provide
       Upload and download speed will be far higher than the existing 4G LTE and 3G networks that are available before.
          It will aid easy streaming of videos online, via YouTube or through IPTV. This will thereby taking entertainment into another level.
          Calls via video calls or voice calls will have great improvement as well and this will ensure our communications are well taken care of.

    Is 5G Network Architecture Safe to Use?

According to research, it is a yes, although some people in the world have been clamoring that because of its radiation, it could serve as harm to humans. But, meanwhile so far and up to this moment, there has not been any scientific evidence of any risk involved. So therefore, it is safe for use.

 Which Countries Have 5G Network Architecture

So far, more than 20+ countries in the world have launched their 5G network and it is in use.
In Nigeria, 5G network is not yet available, the NCC which is in charge of telecommunications in Nigeria, once gave a leading network MTN the liberty to test the possibilities of 5G technology is some big states on Nigeria which was Lagos and Abuja, the testing was only done in their offices in the respective states and so far the testing has been concluded. So far there is no 5G network available in Nigeria at the moment.

Which phones will use 5G network

All the old model phones don’t have the capacity to use 5G at the moment, they can only use the old network technology that have been in existence for long. But as 5G network is being introduced to some new countries and network carriers- the phones manufacturers are also stepping up in the production of new phones that will have the capacity to use the latest network 5G.
Smartphones that are being powered by Snapdragon X55 or Snapdragon X60 Modem RF systems are said to be 5G network compatible.

Conclusion on 5g Network Architecture

With the introduction of 5G network, it will impact positively in all our industries, making a self-driving cars easy to use, and thereby reducing the number of accidents we have on our roads, it will be of great help in agriculture, it will make our healthcare delivery services more advanced and so many other great things.
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Get Zip Codes For Lagos Nigeria

zip codes for lagos nigeria
zip codes for lagos nigeria


Zip Codes for Lagos Nigeria

Have you ever been in dilemma of what is the zip code for Lagos Nigeria? Then you have come to the right place to get the best information about the ZIP code of Lagos Nigeria

Nigeria happens to be the largest black nation in the world, it has over 200 million people living in it, and it is situated around the western part of Africa.

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In Nigeria and some other countries, they mainly use postal codes, but in the United States what they use is ZIP code, and the word the ZIP means “Zone Improvement Plan”. And by this United States doesn’t recognize the postal codes of other countries not using ZIP codes.

The use of both the ZIP codes and postal codes is for mailing purposes, in which things would be transported from places to places and also countries to other countries.

In this scenario, because the United States doesn’t recognize postal codes, their postal service in United States which is “United States Postal Service (USPS) now has codes for international counties that do not use ZIP codes, so whenever they want to deliver goods from United States, the USPS has ZIP codes that are equivalent to other countries that are using postal codes.

Meanwhile the ZIP codes being used for Nigeria are 23401 and 110001, and in rare cases if the two codes given are not accepted you can also try 00176.

Note: 234 is not our zip code for for Lagos Nigeria, it is Nigeria’s International Phone Dialing code.

Zip codes for Lagos Nigeria are 23401, 110001 and 00176.


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Covid-19 Prevention Google Doodle

covid-19 prevention google doodle
covid-19 prevention google doodle


Guidelines for Covid-19. We want to sensitize you on prevention of communicable disease Covid-19 by maintaining social distancing and other precautions you should know during this Covid-19 pandemic period.
Since the advent of deadly Covid-19 virus in China in the December of 2019, many health organizations have been making sensitization on social distancing because the deadly virus is highly communicable and can easily be transferred from one person to the other, another thing about
Covid-19 is that the person that might have contracted the virus might not actually know because the symptoms don’t come early, so that is the reason why we should take the issue of social distancing very serious.


Social distancing simply means keeping distance between yourself and other people in the space of at least 6 feet (2 meters), especially when you are outside your home or in a public environment.
People should also avoid staying in groups and also avoid a crowded place in order to slow the spread of the Covid-19 virus.





1.       If you need to move from one place to another, you should avoid public transports like buses or Taxis, because social distancing would be hard to maintain in that kind of scenario.
2.       If you are a working type, you can try and convince your employers, provided you can work at home that it would be best if you stay home and work from there.
3.       Always avoid crowded places like shopping malls, big restaurants, big shops, markets in which social distancing is not maintained at, simple because you might not know who or who is already infected.



Someone who is infected with Covid-19 will not be aware immediately if he or she is infected, it could spread when an infected person sneezes, coughs or even while talking, and by doing all these things it could lead to a scenario when droplets from the person’s mouth or nose are being introduced into the air and possibly land in the mouth or nose of people that are not maintaining social distancing.
Whenever droplets like that are inhaled, they travel and find their way into the lungs of the victims and that is where the problem commences.
Research has also said that Covid-19 can live for many hours or days on the surface in which the droplets might have landed on and is now subject to the amount of heat or humidity at that particular time for the virus to survive.
 If someone touches the surface in which the droplets might have been dropped on and mistakenly rubs his face or nose, there could be a problem. That is another reason why people are advised to always wash their hands often and also wear nose masks.
We should also endeavour that we, our family members, friends and colleagues maintain a very strong personal hygiene, whether we go out of our house or not, we should always take time to wash our hands often with soap and a running water precisely; and as well make sure we have alcoholic-based sanitizer with us always in order to curb the spread of Covid-19 virus.


According to the world statistics on the issue of Covid-19 pandemic, as at today which is 19th of April, 2020. There have been 2, 197, 593 cases of Covid-19 in the world, and also deaths of 153, 090 have so far been recorded. Meanwhile many people have responded to treatment and they are fully cured of the disease.

We are using this opportunity to appreciate all the medical personnel that have sacrificed greatly in taking care of all the Covid-19 patients during this trying period, and also appreciation goes to all other essential workers like the media, telecommunication, and not forgetting the farmers that ensure that people don’t starve to death during this trying period.
Please let us keep maintaining social distancing, always observe personal hygiene, wash your hands with soap and running every time and as well always user sanitizer.
 Also please stay at home so as to curb the spread of this disease.
May God heal the world!

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Money Making Mitch – Read it Now!

money making mitch
money making mitch


The secret of money making mitch is very technical, in this article, you will get to learn the many secrets of the rich people that they don’t want the middle class and the poor to know. Because if you know all these money secrets, who would be serving them? Who would they be sending on errands and who would work in their companies?
Money is very important in life, if there is no money, you can hardly do anything in life, aside good health, I think money is the next thing, because you will always need money to survive, you will have to be feeding, getting shelter, sending your children to schools to get a good education and so many bills to pay.
Like they always say, a man that cannot put food on the table for the family to eat is not man enough, there is a reason why a man is being referred to as the head of the family, he is to provide the basic needs and also take good care of his family.

How Do Rich People Get So Much Money and Making Money Mitch

Have you ever seen a rich man driving his Rolls Royce Phantom car and sped past you? And you immediately start talking to yourself, that oh my God! When am I going to be as rich as this man? As a normal being we always aspire to be great in life and also to get the best things of life. But the question is – would you be able to work hard and as well sacrifice as the rich people do?

These are the things the rich people do right to attain their very high status and money making mitch

 1. The rich people are always working daily to amass wealth, they don’t invest in liabilities, but they always buy assets that will keep bringing money into their business accounts. Assets bring money into the rich man’s account while liabilities take money from the accounts of the middle class and the poor people. And that’s the reason why we are discussing money making mitch.
 2.  The rich people don’t work for money, their money works for them and by that, they employ people to work for them. No matter how long a middle class or the poor work for the rich man’s company, they can’t always afford to buy all the things they desire and most times their expenditures are always higher than the income they make monthly.
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The middle class and the poor people jump from one bank’s loans to another, they also indulge in cooperative societies which will put high interest on the loans they take, so at the end of the day, immediately they liquidate the current loans they have collected, they will still go back to collect another new loan because some bills have to be paid. At the end of the day the cycle continues and they will never be debt-free
3.  The rich people who own big corporations hardly pay taxes, whereas the middle class or the poor people who work in such corporations or the government establishments are automatically taxed before they even get their salaries at the end of the month, it means the tax would have been deducted from their income earnings before the rest is paid to their account every month and that’s why you know how money making mitch happens.
      Government always wave taxes for big corporations  because they are always smart, they do employ smart attorneys that will make sure they get zero tax sometimes, but in the case of the income earners working in such corporations or in government, their taxes will not be waved
 4.  The rich people have perseverance, like they always say, about 95% of businesses don’t make it up to 5 years before they fold up, it is always very hard to survive. If the rich people fail in their businesses, they will still get up and make sure the business becomes a huge success. They don’t mind if they fail up to five times, they have the believe they will surely come back strong and have a successful business. Knowing about money making mitch is a great advantage.
But when it comes to the middle class or the poor people, they will complain that a certain business is too risky, especially when they fail in the very first time they partake in the business. Some businesses before they later become stable, they would have failed for so many times, all you need is perseverance, patience and never give up. And you should always avoid taking “NO” for an answer. You must always act positively.
5.  The rich people who have actually made in the business would have actually worked for either government or companies before, except those that inherited their family’s wealth. As the rich person was working for a private company or government establishment, and he was being paid, he always put a higher percentage of his earnings into his assets and refrain from buying liabilities that will never return value.
      But in the case of a middle class or the poor, what they do is that a high percentage of their income goes into buying expensive cars, expensive wristwatches and going for an expensive vacation, they will be living large and not knowing they are accumulating huge debts on themselves.
After the rich people have invested their money into assets and after a little time of patience, and the assets have started yielding good returns, they will still re-invest substantial amount of their profits into the asset again. And after re-investing, they will now think of buying the expensive cars, watches and going for that expensive vacation, and all these expenses that are being made are just some parts of the profits they made in their assets.

Conclusion on Money Making Mitch:

If you intend to be very rich, you will have to have your own companies, in which you will make your money and people to work for you, and also keep investing on assets and do away with liabilities that will not bring profits to you.
But, If you actually want to work first for a private company or government in order to gather some capital to fund your business, it is also a good choice, because it is not everybody that will inherit wealth from their family, when you take your salary at the end of the month, you can be channeling a higher percentage of your salary into assets that will always yield good profits for you in the nearest future and as well make you financially free. Getting full information on money making mitch is great advantage.

Complete Vanessa Villanueva Biography, Chris Perez on Selena

Vanessa Villanueva
Vanessa Villanueva

Vanessa Villanueva is a 50 years old American Actress, she acted some great movies like Elvis Returns and Forgotten Memories and Memphis Rising.

She is popularly known as the second wife of the popular and Grammy award winning musician called Chris Perez. We are going to discuss in full details things that you don’t know about her.

Full Rose Bundy Biography, New Name, Ted Bundy’s Daughter

Rose bundy
Rose bundy

Full Rose Bundy Biography, New Name, Ted Bundy’s Daughter

Rose Bundy is a 39 years old American, she is the daughter of the popular serial killer called Ted Bundy who was executed for his crimes in the year 1989. It was learned that she was conceived when her dad was still in the prison as a prisoner before he was later executed.


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