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Olu of Warri: Biography, Wife, Son & Net Worth

olu of warri biography
olu of warri biography

Emiko Utieyinoritsetsola is currently the 20th Olu of Warri Kingdom, which is in the Southern part of Nigeria. He was appointed the Olu of Warri in the month of April 2021. In this article we shall be discussing Olu of Warri Biography with his achievements.

 Olu of Warri Biography

Olu of Warri whose full name is Utieyinoritsetsola Emiko was born on April 2nd 1984, that makes him 37 years of age. His state of origin is Delta State which is the southern party of Nigeria, which happens to be the most populous black nation in the world. He is from the Itsekiri tribe, he practices Christianity as a religion, also his sexual orientation is straight.

Olu of Warri Emiko Etsola father’s name is Ogiame Atuwatse II and his mother’s name too is Olori Gladys Durorike Emiko.

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Olu of Warri Biography & Educational Background

 Olu of Warri Emiko Tsola did his primary school education in his town Warri, he attended NNPC primary school which is situated in Delta State, and Warri to be precise.

After his primary education, he proceeded to the great Adesoye College, Offa for his secondary education, the school is situated in Kwara State which is situated in the North Central part of Nigeria. From history Adesoye College Offa has been in existence since 1987 and it has produced great alumni that are doing well in different fields of life.

After his secondary school education, he moved abroad to the United States of America in order to further his tertiary education. He attended Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in International Studies and Political Science.

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Olu of Warri Biography & Marriage

Olu of Warri Emiko Tsola is a happily married man, he got married to his lovely wife Ivie Uhunoma Emiko, who happens to be the daughter of Captain Idahosa Okunbor the Edo business Mogul. They are happily married and their marriage is blessed with lovely children.

The names of their three children are: Oritsetsemiaye, Oritsetemisan, and Oritsetimeyin. His lovely family is a great part of Olu of Warri biography.

Who is the Olu of Warri Wife?

Idahosa Wells Okunbo. Wife of the Olu of Warri Kingdom, Olori Atuwatse III, yesterday, offered no fewer than a hundred indigent schoolchildren scholarship as part of activities to commemorate the 64th posthumous birthday of the patriarch of the Okunbo’s family, the late Capt. Idahosa Wells Okunbo.

Who is the Olu of Warri Father?

He was the 19th Olu of Warri Kingdom with the title Ogiame Atuwatse II. He was born Godwin Toritseju Emiko. He succeeded his father Erejuwa II as the Olu of Warri.

Where Did the Itsekiri Migrate From?

According to Jackson Omasanjuwa Ireyefoju and Florence Ejuogharanmakelesan Ireyefoju in their seminal work “Ife Oracle in Itsekiri Social System of Nigeria,” Itsekiri people came from Egypt after the battle of Actium in 31 B.C. The Mahim arrived and settled in the present Warri Kingdom in about 28 B.C in Gborodo, Ureju

Who is the new king of Itsekiri?

Prince Tsola Emiko waves after being crowned as the 21st king or the Olu of Warri kingdom and the Ogiame Atuwatse III during his coronation at Ode-Itsekiri on August 21, 2021.

Who is Ivie Emiko?

It is often said that an elephant never breeds a dwarf. For Her Royal Highness, Ivie Uhunoma Emiko, the daughter of the late Nigerian billionaire magnate, Captain Idahosa Wells Okunbo, there’s no gainsaying that her late dad’s philanthropy and humanitarian deeds signposted her pedigree and magnanimity.

What happened to the previous Olu of Warri?

Palace officials have officially announced the death of Ogiame Ikenwoli, the Olu of Warri, Delta state. Ikenwoli, the 20th Olu Of Warri, was reported to have died in December 2020 from COVID-19 complications — one week after his fifth coronation anniversary.

Is Itsekiri related to Yoruba?

Itsekiri is most closely related to Yoruba and Igala and incorporates elements of both languages. It has also been very heavily influenced by Edo (Bini), Portuguese and English and has taken in loan words from neighbouring Ijo and Urhobo languages.

Where is Ivie Emiko from?

HM Queen Ivie Emiko Atuwatse III is the Queen or Olori of Warri kingdom, Nigeria. She is the only wife of HM King (Olu) Ogiame Atuwatse III Tsola Emiko of Warri kingdom who was crowned on 21st August 2021.

Who is the richest Itsekiri man?

Ayiri Emami Net Worth is $400 Million. Ayiri is an Itsekiri Chief, and he is very much adored by his kin. The respectable figure possesses businesses in Nigeria oil and gas industry. The millionaire’s lavish way of life has kept him in the online media space.

Who founded Itsekiri Kingdom?

It is a well established fact that Oba Olua founded the Itsekiri kingdom for his unpopular son Iginua(1473- 1480A.

How many tribes are there in Warri?

Warri itself, the largest town (though not the capital) of Delta State, is claimed as their homeland by three ethnic groups: the Itsekiri, the Urhobo, and the Ijaw.


Olu of Warri Biography, Career and Business

Olu of Warri Emiko Tsola did his NYSC at the Public Affairs Department of National Petroleum Investment Management Services. After that he also worked as an officer at the Shell Nigeria Closed Pension Fund Administrator and later at Sahara Energy as Government Relations Officer.

He is a successful business man and anything he touches becomes gold. He is the chairman and CEO of Noble Nigeria Souvenir Limited which he created in 2011. He is currently doing well in the business.

Olu of Warri Biography & Net Worth

Olu of Warri Emiko Etsola is a successful business man and he makes good money from his company. Also he is from a wealthy background, and that makes him someone that is very comfortable.

As soon as we get his net worth, it would be updated on our website.


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