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JMK: BBNaija Biography, Instagram, Pictures, Father

jmk bbnaija
jmk bbnaija


JMK BBNaija is among the new house mates that were just recently introduced to the Big Brother House Season 6 (Shine Ya Eye).

It was a big shock to the other house mates that have been in the house for about two weeks long, because they weren’t expecting her among the newly introduced house mates that were later brought to the house.

When BBNaija JMK was being introduced by Ebuka Uchendu, she said she is an interesting and fun to be with someone and also she likes dancing a lot. JMK BBNaija introduction served as a big surprise to the house mates.

Because all of them thought that Big Brother wouldn’t be bringing new house mates in the Big Brother’s House.

JMK BBNaija Biography

BBNaija JMK whose real name is Jumoke Adetoye, she was born in 1998, which makes her 23 years of age, she is a native of Kwara State which is the north central part of the most populous black nation the world, Nigeria. She is not married yet and her sexual orientation is straight.

About her education, BBNaija JMK attended Afe Babalola University where she studied law. She has two siblings and she is the last among all of them.





  JMK BBNaija Biography Physical Appearance

BBNaija JMK has a good body shape, she is curvy and has a pretty face. She was well raised up as Yoruba lady and she is always proud of her heritage and meanwhile she wouldn’t engage in anything that will tarnish her image or her family’s name no matter what.

Despite about her big shape, she is able to carry her self easily and she dances well to different musical genres.





JMK BBNaija Biography & Career

BBNaija JMK is also a Food Vblogger as well as a Lawyer. She cooks well. She is ready to mingle with all the other housemates in the house, she promises to be the life of the party and she strongly believe the other housemates will definitely like her.

She has gone into the Big Brother’s house with her own strategies, because she wishes to be lucky and win the grand prize of 90 million with other prizes to be won while doing various tasks in the Big Brother’s house that will be given to them.

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JMK BBNaija Relationship, Boyfriend or Husband

BBNaija JMK has not disclosed her relationship status and nor is she married. As at the time of our report we don’t think she has any children. And also she is keeping her relationship life private from the media. But when the right time comes, and she wishes to disclose it, everyone will be aware.

JMK BBNaija Biography & Net Worth

BBNaija JMK is currently a house mate at Big Brother Season 6 (Shine Ya Eye). She is also a contender of 90 Million with other prizes to be won at the end of the season.

We can’t really determine her net worth for now, but as soon as we have information on that, it would be updated here. 

Definitely after the Big Brother’s show, she would be opportune to sign a lot of endorsement deals with big brands and this will give her more popularity and relevance in the society.




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