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Fastest and Easy EV Charging Stations – Azardio

Fastest and Easy EV Charging Stations
Fastest and Easy EV Charging Stations

The most challenging aspect in the EV industry is the increasing number of EVs but lack of charging stations. This issue is increasing the time of Charging for each vehicle.  

Azardio is working on a global charging network for all the EVs by proposing this project to all the EV manufacturers and charging partners across the globe. FInally, we are about to have a dense network of EV charging stations where you can charge any car, any time.

Azardio is founded by Michael Davis, Based in UK. Michael Davis started his journey into management very differently; he got passed the bar in New York and then he went to a business school. Since then, he has worked for several 500 fortune companies and now he is Azardio Managing Director.

He said, “Azardio will become the global brand in terms of Charging Network. We are here to create sustainable brand and that’s why we have started with Pilot project.”

Azardio has raised funds from Angel Investors in Round 1 but for Round 2, company is going for Innovative strategy of Retail funding i.e Public Funding Pools through Crypto currency industry.

Azardio is done with the round one of funding in which we were funded by angel investors. Now, we want to level up to raise more funds; we want to make sure we raise the society with us by giving the common people a chance to invest in this extensive lucrative project to gain hefty returns. The Round 2 of funding is here where you can invest in public funding pools through cryptocurrencies.

For more information, kindly visit our website: https://www.azardio.com/


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