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Buju: Biography Wikipedia & Net Worth

Buju biography
Buju biography


Buju whose full name is Daniel Benson is a 22 years old man who is one of the reigning music stars in the Nigeria Music Industry.

Buju is also known as Bujutoyourears, whereas BUJU stands for “Beauty Underneath Just Understood”.

Many people fell in love with Buju after the release of his popular song “Spiritual” in which he featured Zlatan in the year 2019.

Here is The Full Profile of Buju

Full Name – Daniel Benson

Gender – Male

Date of Birth – 1999

Age – 22

Place of Birth – Akwa Ibom, Nigeria

Nationality – Nigerian

Sexual Orientation – Straight

Ethnicity – Black

Eye Colour – Black

Religion – Christian

Profession – Singer and Song Writer

Record Label – Spaceship Records




Buju Biography

Buju was born into the family of Mr. & Mrs. Benson, he was well raised up by his parents, and his childhood was in Gbagada, Lagos State. But they later moved to Ogun State where they later settled.

Buju has been gifted with music and has started writing music since his childhood days and this has made him to be very passionate about music, he could easily sing in Yoruba Language because his mother used to speak Yoruba Language to him before she passed away because of cancer disease.





Buju Biography & Career

Buju has always been a great performer, he started out rapping and also joining the choir, he also performed solo in many valedictory services.

While he was still in the university, he had an IT job in which he later let go so as to face music squarely, because he strongly believes that is his calling.

Buju got the stage name “Buju” which was inspired by Jamaican recording artist Buju Benton, he went ahead gave special meaning to the name by bringing out the acronym “Beauty Underneath Just Understood.

After he is fully into music, he released his first record “Catch a Vibe” and also his second record called “A day in Lagos”

Buju has also been a great admirer of Burna and he has always respected and rate Burna as a great and talented artist he has ever known.

This admiration for Burna later worked wonders for him, so he was able to collaborate with Burns on the remix of the song “L’enu”

He was also able to collaborate with another big artist called “Zlatan” on the song called “Spiritual”. Buju’s musical talents has made him to reach greater heights in his musical career.

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Buju Biography & Released Songs

Talented Buju has been releasing great tracks since inception, and this has made him to be popular amongst his fans and music lovers all over the world.

Here are the good songs he has released with their dates:

·        A day in Lagos (2018)

·        Catch a Vibe (2018)

·        Aje (2018)

·        L’enu (2019)

·        Balance it (2019)

·        Spiritual Featuring Zlatan (2019)

·        Commander (2020)

·        L’enu Remix Featuring Burna (2020)


Buju Biography & Net Worth

Buju has been a very hardworking rapper and songwriter, he is doing well for himself. Buju has also been a positive influence for the upcoming artist that are just joining the Nigerian Music Industry. He has inspired to them to the point that, whatever they put their mind too, they will surely be successful in it.



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