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Azardio Making EV Charging Faster and Efficient

Azardio Making EV Charging Faster and Efficient 1
Azardio Making EV Charging Faster and Efficient 1

Azardio is establishing Charging Network for Electric Vehicles across globe. Azardio has developed a technology to enhance the operations of EV charging by making it easier, faster and more efficient.

This means the entire process of charging your EV will take lesser efforts i.e. once you connect the charger, you can control the mode of charging and other functions right from your app.

It will make it faster meaning the actual time of charging the vehicle will be reduced drastically with the help of first in the market alloys that allow a faster electron flow without acting as a catalyst to the heat. The efficiency is increased as you can run battery analysis, check charging networks and other things right while charging.

Azardio is going to establish EV charging points in various countries such as Philippines, Europe, UK, Canada, India, Malaysia, Nigeria, South Africa etc. Azardio is building an infrastructure of EV charging network at several locations across the globe. In the primary phase, you will see Azardio EV charging stations in Philippines, UK, Canada, India, Malaysia, Nigeria and South Africa.

After that, we have a plan to spread the network across the globe, in all the major countries.

For more information, you can visit our official website: https://www.azardio.com/


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