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Angel: BBNaija Biography, Parent, Boyfriend & Net Worth

angel bbnaija
angel bbnaija

Full Angel BBNaija Biography, Parent, Boyfriend & Net Worth

Angel BBNaija happened to be the first female housemate to be introduced by Obinna Uchendu on the biggest show in the Nigeria Television which is Big Brother Nigeria Season 6 which is also known as BBNaija S6.

From the time Angel introduced herself to the world on the BBNaija reality show, everybody has fallen in love with her because she is good looking and this has made her to be trending on all social media pages.


Angel BBNaija Biography

BBNaija Angel real name is Angel Agnes Smith, she was born to Nigeria parents, and she has been living in Nigeria since birth. Up till now, she was born in the year 2000 and that made her current age to be 21. BBNaija Angel hails from Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria. She has spent most of her life growing up in Lagos, Nigeria.

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BBNaija Angel also did her secondary education in Lagos, she attended Marywood Girls’ College, Lagos. After her secondary school education, she then proceeded to tertiary institution in order to further her education career. She attended University of Lagos also known as Unilag, but she later dropped out of Unilag because she couldn’t cope with pressure of the school. Her dropping out of the school was not okay with her parent, but she decided to follow her mind.



Angel BBNaija Career

BBNaija Angel happens to be a good writer and also a poet, and we even learnt she has been writing since she was the age of 14. She has also done some freelancing jobs on writing in order to improve her writing skills and also to gain more experience.

She has also written some personal books which she has put them up on her social media pages in which people commented and also congratulated her on the great achievement.

Angel BBNaija Reason for Contesting In The BBNaija S6

BBNaija Angel is planning to be a movie producer and also a script writer, and she strongly believe that BBNaija platform will help her in achieving those dreams because of the exposure the competition brings to the contestants.

Other Things To Know About Angel BBnaija

BBNaija Angel is a type of person who is very beautiful and friendly, she does very well in the midst of her friends, and her friends always refer to her as a drama queen.

She appreciates having tattoos all over her body and has some piercings as well which really make to be so attractive. She also likes dealing with people who are very straight with her and not those who pretend, and lastly she loves meeting new people.



Some Facts About Angel BBnaija

How old is angel from BBN?

The 21-year-old housemate describes herself as fun and somewhat of a drama queen. According to BBNaija Angel, she treats people based on how they treat her.

What State is Angel BBnaija From?

She is from Akwaa Ibom State, Nigeria.

Angel BBNaija Net Worth As At Now

Angel BBNaija net worth cannot be estimated for now. But definitely if she wins the BBNaija’s grand prize, she would probably be 90 million richer, and don’t let us to forget that there are so much amounts to be won on various tasks that would be done in the house.

Celebrity Biog will be closely monitoring BBNaija Angel and update our esteemed readers on the successes she makes in the nearest future.

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