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5G Network Architecture

5g network architecture
5g network architecture
In this article, you will know a lot about the latest network called 5G. 5G network is the latest kind of network that is designed to help in connecting many things together including machines, objects and devices. It is designed to deliver higher speeds, massive network capabilities and also promises a great user experience.
5G network happens to be the next generation of mobile broadband which is set to augment and aid the existing 4G LTE network, with this latest 5G network, users will be able to experience great upload speed and faster download speed from the internet without any hindrances. Research has stated that the average speed of 1GBPS is to be expected depending on the location, many of these networks are already linking alongside existing 3G and 4G LTE technology, in order to provide a stable network wherever you happens to find yourself.

Previous Generations of Network Before the 5G Network Architecture

There are great differences between the previous networks and the newly introduced 5G network. The previous generation networks are 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G LTE. Let us take a look on all the previous networks and their dates of introduction.
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1G first generation mobile network
In the year 1980, the first generation delivered analog voice.
2G, second generation network
In the year 1990, second generation introduced CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access)
3G, third generation network
In the year 2000, third generation brought data (e.g. CDMA 2000)
4G LTE, fourth generation network
In the year 2010, fourth generation network or LTE brought in the mobile broadband.
All the older generation networks led to the development of the new 5G network which will therefore provide a faster and efficient connection to the internet and thereby making our day to day activities easier to accomplish.

Advantages of 5G Network Over the Existing 4G LTE Network

          Self-driving cars and smart cities will work efficiently because of higher speed 5G network will provide
       Upload and download speed will be far higher than the existing 4G LTE and 3G networks that are available before.
          It will aid easy streaming of videos online, via YouTube or through IPTV. This will thereby taking entertainment into another level.
          Calls via video calls or voice calls will have great improvement as well and this will ensure our communications are well taken care of.

    Is 5G Network Architecture Safe to Use?

According to research, it is a yes, although some people in the world have been clamoring that because of its radiation, it could serve as harm to humans. But, meanwhile so far and up to this moment, there has not been any scientific evidence of any risk involved. So therefore, it is safe for use.

 Which Countries Have 5G Network Architecture

So far, more than 20+ countries in the world have launched their 5G network and it is in use.
In Nigeria, 5G network is not yet available, the NCC which is in charge of telecommunications in Nigeria, once gave a leading network MTN the liberty to test the possibilities of 5G technology is some big states on Nigeria which was Lagos and Abuja, the testing was only done in their offices in the respective states and so far the testing has been concluded. So far there is no 5G network available in Nigeria at the moment.

Which phones will use 5G network

All the old model phones don’t have the capacity to use 5G at the moment, they can only use the old network technology that have been in existence for long. But as 5G network is being introduced to some new countries and network carriers- the phones manufacturers are also stepping up in the production of new phones that will have the capacity to use the latest network 5G.
Smartphones that are being powered by Snapdragon X55 or Snapdragon X60 Modem RF systems are said to be 5G network compatible.

Conclusion on 5g Network Architecture

With the introduction of 5G network, it will impact positively in all our industries, making a self-driving cars easy to use, and thereby reducing the number of accidents we have on our roads, it will be of great help in agriculture, it will make our healthcare delivery services more advanced and so many other great things.
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